by mdyball

HCS-logo-4x3.5The question is “Are leaders born leaders or are they molded through life experiences?” The answer is. “A leader is a product of their environment.” The question begs “What are the good qualities of a leader?” For starters a leader has to have a strategy. The strategy is the map and the direction in which the department is heading. This strategy has to be organic to the organization. In other words it has to contain the core values of the organization. For healthcare this means serving the needs of our patient and retail guests.

1) Setting departmental yearly goals that are organic to the organization and true to the values of the organization.
2) Establish clear leadership expectations that define the organizations values.
3) Develop clear leadership departmental communication patterns that bridge individual area needs.
4) Define flexibility and balance between administrative duties, department projects and daily management duties.
5) Establishing departmental operational procedures that allows for the department to run smoothly under any un-suspected situation.
6) Seeking learning opportunities as a leader in the field of training’s, education and mentor-ships.

A leader is ever evolving. We are not born leader’s, they are developed as leaders through experience, education and training. This is where leadership strategy comes from.